Unscented Fabric Softener Sheets

제품 특징

  • DERMATOLOGIST-TESTED. Safe for sensitive skin
  • HYPOALLERGENIC. Free of dyes and perfumes
  • FIGHTS STATIC CLING. Keeps you virtually static free
  • REDUCES WRINKLES. Look and feel confident


Sheet Whisper Fabric Softener Sheets, free of dyes and perfumes, are crafted using plant-based softeners on a traditional non-woven sheet.

These dryer sheets offer a natural softening and freshening effect and are packaged in recyclable cardboard, combining classic functionality with eco-friendly design.

사용 가능한 향기

  • No Scent

제품 옵션

  • Brand

    Super Wow

  • Material

    PET Non-woven Fabric

  • Package Count

    80 sheets

  • Custom Dryer Sheets

    Sheet Whisper offer customization service for dryer sheets, including with/without fragrance in branded packagings. Choose from a variety of fragrances ranging from floral to citrus or choose a fragrance-free option. You can also select the level of softening and anti-static properties to suit your specific laundry requirements. For personalized orders or queries, simply reach out to our dedicated customer service team.

우리의 성분

암호 재료 CAS 번호 백분율
1 C16-C18 식물성 글리세리드 123-94-4 10-50%
2 디-(팜 카르복시에틸) 히드록시에틸 메틸암모늄 메틸 황산염 157905-74-3 10-50%
3 C16-C18 식물지방산 57-11-4 10-50%
4 벤토나이트 1302-78-9 1-50%
5 향기 / 1-10%

자주하는 질문

What is the best lightweight fabric softener?

That is SuperWow Fabric Softener Sheets. They are convenient and effective for reducing static and adding a fresh scent to your laundry.

Can you produce fabric softener sheets with no fragrance?

Yes for sure. Our dryer sheets are free of dye and fragrance.

What's the MOQ?

For our available scents at normal percentage (like 2%), the MOQ is 5000 boxes.

For custom orders, that would be 10000 boxes to start.

How long for the production?

Generally it’s around 20-30 days after we get the deposit.

Can get samples for testing before ordering mass goods?

Yes, absolutely!

Contact us and leave your address. We can prepare different samples for your evaluation.

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