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Sheet Whisper specializes in custom dryer sheets, produced with top-quality materials for softness and fragrance. Beyond our great products, we offer one-stop services, from custom formulations to specialized packaging solutions. With a focus on quality and customer satisfaction, Sheet Whisper is your reliable partner for all dryer sheet needs.

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Our Products

Fabric Softener Dryer Sheets

GreenEmbrace Organic Fabric Softener Sheets

GreenEmbrace Organic Fabric Softener Sheets

These sheets are made from organic, environmentally friendly materials, ensuring a soft and gentle touch on fabrics without the use of harsh chemicals. They are particularly suitable for those with sensitive skin.

Fresh Rose Ultimate Fabric Care Anti Static Tumble Dryer Sheets

Fresh Rose Ultimate Fabric Care Anti Static Tumble Dryer Sheets

Based in the delicate and sophisticated scent of fresh roses, bringing a touch of luxury to your everyday laundry. These sheets effectively eliminate static, ensuring your fabrics are smooth and hassle-free.

unscented dryer sheets

Pure Harmony Non-Toxic & Unscented Dryer Sheets

These sheets are made from organic, environmentally friendly materials, ensuring a soft and gentle touch on fabrics without the use of harsh chemicals. They are particularly suitable for those with sensitive skin.

Biodegradable Fabric Softener Dryer Sheets

100% Biodegradable Fabric Softener Dryer Sheets

Our 100% biodegradable dryer sheets are crafted from renewable materials, featuring either 100% viscose or Lyocell fibers, both known for their natural degradability and soft texture. Infused with customizable fragrances.

Pet-care Mega Sheets

Pet-Care Mega Sheets - Laundry Companion for Pet Owners

Our Pet-Care Mega Sheets are infused with a powerful odor-neutralizing agent, luxurious fragrance, and a double dose of fabric softener to ensure that your laundry smells fresher for longer also feels incredibly soft to the touch.

Fabric Softener Dryer Sheets 40ct Lavender

Fabric Softener Dryer Sheets 40ct Lavender

Our 40-count pack ensures your laundry comes out irresistibly soft with a long-lasting lavender.  Made with eco-friendly, skin-friendly ingredients, these sheets reduce static cling, making ironing a breeze. Get bulk pricing today.

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Packaging Options

Dryer Sheets Summer

Size: 16x23cm – 80 Sheets

Dryer Sheets Sakura

Size: 16x23cm – 40 Sheets

Fabric Softener Dryer Sheets Linen

Size: 16x23cm – 40 Sheets

Dryer Sheets Gardenia

Size: 16x23cm

Fresh Sea Dryer Sheets

Size: 16x23cm

Dryer Sheets - Amber Tulip

Size: 15x20cm

Fabric Softener Sheets

Size: 16x23cm

Dryer Perfume Sheets - Individual Bag Packaging

Size: 15x20cm, 16x23cm

Fabric Softener Dryer Perfume Sheets - Pull-out Packaging

Size: 15x20cm, 16x23cm

Fabric Softener Sheets

Size: 16x23cm

100% Biodegradable Dryer Sheets

Size: 16x20cm

Laundry Dryer Sheets

Size: 17x23cm

Features & Benefits

Dryer Sheets Manufacturer

Sheet Whisper stands out as a leader in the dryer sheet industry, offering a blend of features and benefits tailored to enhance your laundry experience. Crafted with premium non-woven fabric and infused with natural essential oils, our dryer sheets promise unparalleled softness and a lasting, refreshing scent. The eco-friendly materials ensure sustainability, making them biodegradable and kind to the environment.

Raw Material

Dryer sheets consist of a non-woven fabric base infused with fabric softeners to reduce static and enhance softness. They often contain fragrances for a fresh scent and may include emulsifiers for even ingredient distribution.

Size Options

Dryer sheets typically come in standard sizes, catering to the majority of laundry needs. Like 16x23cm, 17x23cm, 15x20cm and 23x30cm, 25x32cm for Mega sheets. Meantime, we also offer tailor-made sizes based on specific demands. 


Dryer sheets come in diverse fragrances, such as flower,  fresh, wooden and sweety scent. We also customize scents upon clients’ needs. For those who prefer no scent, unscented versions offer softening benefits without the aroma. 

Packaging Options

Sheet Whisper offers various packaging options to suit different needs. Traditional cardboard boxes offer easy access with perforated openings, while resealable plastic bags ensure freshness and portability. All packaging can be made with your logos.

Ingredient Room
Independent Ingredients Room
Coating Auto Production Line
Coating On Auto Production Line
Raw Material Room
Raw Material Warehouse

Production Process

Fabric Softener Dryer Sheets Supplier

With Sheet Whisper, you never be concerned about the whole process of manufacturing. We ensure fast delivery and great quality.

Folding and Cutting Auto Production
Folding and Cutting Auto Production
Packing Room
Packing Room

For Various Occasions

Best Dryer Sheets Factory And Wholesaler

Dryer sheets for home laundries

Home Laundries

Sheet Whisper

The heart of every household’s laundry routine. Here, dryer sheets are used to ensure that clothes, linens, and other fabrics come out of the dryer feeling soft, smelling fresh, and free from static cling.


Sheet Whisper

These commercial establishments cater to individuals without in-home laundry facilities. Dryer sheets are offered as an add-on product to enhance the drying process, ensuring customers leave with fresh-smelling and static-free clothes.

Dryer sheets for Hotels and Resorts

Hotels & Resorts

Sheet Whisper

With a constant need to launder bed linens, towels, and sometimes even guests’ personal items, these establishments rely on dryer sheets to provide that luxurious, fresh scent and soft touch that guests appreciate.

Dryer Sheets for Gyms and Fitness Centers

Gyms & Fitness Centers

Sheet Whisper

After a sweaty workout, towels and gym clothes are tossed into the wash. Dryer sheets help ensure these items are not only clean but also smell fresh and feel soft against the skin during the next workout.

Dryer sheets for Spas and Salons

Spas & Salons

Sheet Whisper

The ambiance is everything. Fresh, soft, and fragrant towels and robes enhance the client experience. Dryer sheets play a crucial role in achieving this level of comfort and luxury.

Hospitals & Healthcare

Sheet Whisper

Patient comfort is paramount. Bed linens, gowns, and other fabrics are laundered with dryer sheets to ensure they are gentle on the skin and offer a fresh scent, which can be comforting to patients.

Dryer sheets for Camping Sites

Camping Sites

Sheet Whisper

By campers who bring dryer sheets as a multi-purpose tool, not just for laundry but also as insect repellents or fire starters.

dryer sheets for Retail Stores

Retail Stores

Sheet Whisper

Clothing retailers, especially, might use dryer sheets to keep merchandise smelling fresh, especially if items have been in storage for a while or are frequently tried on by shoppers.

The Process Flow And Duration Estimation

Get Best Dryer Sheets In Bulk Step By Step

Fabric Softener Dryer Sheets brands

Step 1

Inquiry with Sheet Whisper

Start by reaching out to Sheet Whisper with your requirements for bulk dryer sheets. Use the contact form on the Sheet Whisper website or send an email detailing your needs, including quantity, fragrance preferences, and any customization.

Fabric Softener Dryer Sheets

Step 2

Getting Quotations from Sheet Whisper (24h)

Sheet Whisper will evaluate your specific requirements, taking into account factors such as quantity, desired fragrances, any customizations, and potential delivery timelines within 24 hours. We are always available for you to reach out for any questions or clarifications.

Fabric Softener Dryer Sheets

Step 3

Sample Prepartion (2-7 days)

Before committing to a bulk order, it’s crucial to assess the quality of the dryer sheets firsthand. For readily available products, they can dispatch samples on the same day of the request. For customized samples based on specific requirements or designs, the sample time is around a week.

Fabric Softener Dryer Sheets brands

Step 4

Contract And Payment (1 day)

The contract will comprehensively detail various aspects, such as the total order quantity, unit prices, total cost, payment terms (like deposit amounts and payment schedules), delivery timelines, and any penalties or provisions for delays. Once you’re confident that the contract aligns with your expectations and safeguards your interests, proceed to sign and make payment.

Production Line

Step 5

Mass Production (30 day)

After the formalities of the contract signing and the receipt of the initial deposit, Sheet Whisper will mobilize its resources to initiate the manufacturing process. The production process is systematic and follows a set sequence, from material preparation, fragrance infusion, cutting, and packaging. Each stage is meticulously overseen to ensure adherence to the quality standards stipulated in the contract.

Quality Control in Sheet Whisper

Step 6

Quality Control & Inspection

Sheet Whisper places a strong emphasis on maintaining product quality. The first tier involves “in-process” inspections, where quality checks are conducted at various stages during the production. The second tier is the “post-production” inspection, where, after the completion of the manufacturing process, Sheet Whisper’s internal quality inspectors thoroughly assess the finished goods against the set criteria, ensuring consistency and adherence to standards.

shipping and logistics

Step 7

Shipping & Logistics (7 days)

Once the order has passed all quality inspections, it will be prepared for shipment. Depending on the agreed terms in the contract, Sheet Whisper might have in-house logistics solutions or partnerships with trusted logistics providers to facilitate the shipping process. We will also work with your designated forwarders for shipping arrangements.

after-sale service

Step 8

After-Sale Service

Sheet Whisper has established a robust after-sale support system. If you encounter any issues with the product, whether it’s a discrepancy in quality or any other concern, communicate this to Sheet Whisper at the earliest. Their team will work diligently to address and resolve the matter to your satisfaction. Additionally, Sheet Whisper appreciates feedback, both positive and constructive. Sharing your experience and insights can help them enhance their products and services.

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