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More than 12 Years of Experience In Nonwoven Fabric

Why Will You Choose Sheet Whisper?

At Sheet Whisper, our mission is to deliver great quality in every dryer sheet, ensuring a premium laundry experience for all our customers. Our vision is to lead the industry, not just in sales, but in trust, innovation, and customer satisfaction. We aim to redefine laundry care, one sheet at a time.

Sheet Whisper

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Our Manufacturing Process

From sourcing the raw materials to employing advanced production techniques, every step is optimized for quality. Our in-house quality checks, combined with third-party inspections, ensure every Sheet Whisper sheet is nothing short of perfect.

Raw Material Room

Raw Material Warehouse

The raw material warehouse at Sheet Whisper is a meticulously organized space dedicated to storing the essential ingredients for our dryer sheets.
Ingredient Room

Independent Ingredients Room

Isolated from the main raw material storage, this room ensures that certain components retain their purity and potency.
Folding and Cutting Auto Production

Folding and Cutting Auto Production

Utilizing state-of-the-art automated machinery, this process ensures each sheet is uniformly folded and cut to our exact specifications.
Coating Auto Production Line

Coating On Auto Production Line

he Coating On Auto Production Line is a testament to our dedication to ensuring each dryer sheet is infused with the perfect amount of our signature solutions.
Packing Room

Packing Room

This room is a hive of activity, seamlessly blending automation with manual oversight to ensure each product is packaged to perfection.
Dryer Sheets

Fabric Softener Dryer Sheets

Every box is labeled with clear identifiers, including batch numbers, production dates, and expiration dates, ensuring easy tracking and retrieval.
Our Team

Our Greater Team

Head Of Production
John Yao

Head Of Production

Sales Manager
Jenny Wang

Sales Manager

Sales Assistant
Victoria Li

Sales Assistant

Karen Zhang

Sales Assistant

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Clients' Testimonials

Hear From Our Satisfied Customers

In the hospitality industry, guest comfort is paramount. Sheet Whisper’s dryer sheets have significantly elevated our laundry standards. Our guests frequently compliment the fresh scent and softness of our linens. Partnering with Sheet Whisper has been one of our best decisions.

Derek T.

Purchasing Manager, Elite Hotels & Resorts


As a laundromat chain owner, I need products that are both effective and economical. Sheet Whisper delivers on both fronts. Their bulk order discounts are fantastic, and the quality of their dryer sheets is unmatched. Our customers love the results!

Nina Patel

Owner, Fresh & Clean Laundromats


Our fitness clubs prioritize hygiene and comfort. With Sheet Whisper’s dryer sheets, our towels and workout gear smell fresh and feel soft, enhancing our members’ experience. The consistent quality and timely deliveries make Sheet Whisper a trusted partner for our business.

Lucas Rodriguez

Supply Chain Director, Urban Fitness Clubs


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