Super Wow Eco Friendly Dryer Sheets

Product Features

Eco-Friendly and Biodegradable: I’m proud to say that our dryer sheets are made from 100% plant-based fibers. They are completely biodegradable, helping you reduce your environmental impact with every load of laundry.

Hypoallergenic and Dermatologically Tested: We’ve formulated our dryer sheets to be gentle on the skin. They’re free from harmful chemicals and allergens, making them safe for even the most sensitive skin. This is particularly important for families with small children or anyone with skin sensitivities.

Cost-Effective Bulk Options: I understand the need for affordable, effective solutions, especially in a commercial setting. That’s why we offer our dryer sheets in bulk. This is perfect for businesses like hotels or laundromats that require high-quality, eco-friendly options without breaking the bank.

Available Scents

  • Fresh Scent
  • Fresh Linen or Clean Cotton
  • Lavender
  • Ocean Breeze

Product Options

Super Wow

Custom Eco Friendly Dryer Sheets

Choose Sheet Whisper as your supplier for eco-friendly and biodegradable dryer sheets.

Tailored Formulations: We know every business has different needs. That’s why we let you customize our dryer sheets. You can change the scent strength or add special ingredients that are gentle on the skin. We make sure our products fit exactly what you need.

Brand Alignment: We also customize packaging. We can put your company’s logo and design on the packaging. This makes your brand more recognizable and builds stronger loyalty with your customers.

Exclusivity: With our custom products, you can offer something unique that no one else has. This makes your business stand out and keeps your customers coming back for more.

Bulk Purchase Discounts: We give discounts on large orders. This is great for businesses that need to buy a lot but want to keep costs down. It helps you make more profit on what you sell.

Comprehensive Support: Our team helps you from start to finish. We guide you through customizing your product and make sure everything turns out just right. We also help you market your products effectively.

Fast Turnaround: We’re quick. Once you place an order, we work fast so you can get your products quickly. This helps you meet customer demand and keep your shelves stocked.

Sustainability Focus: By choosing us, your business is helping the environment. Our dryer sheets are safe for the planet and attract customers who care about making eco-friendly choices.

Choosing Sheet Whisper for your laundry products not only improves what you offer but also shows you care about the environment. We’re excited to work with you and help your business thrive in the laundry market.

Raw Material Roll Packing

Raw Material Roll Packing

Dryer Sheets Bulk Packing

Our Ingredients

Code Ingredients CAS No. Percentage
1 C16-C18 plant glycerides 123-94-4 10-50%
2 Di-(palm carboxyethyl) hydroxyethyl methylammonium methyl sulfates 157905-74-3 10-50%
3 C16-C18 Plant Fatty acid 57-11-4 10-50%
4 Bentonite 1302-78-9 1-50%
5 Fragrance / 1-10%


Can you make these eco-friendly dryer sheets with our own scents?

Yes, for sure. 

You can deliver your scents for mass production. Or we copy the scents from your samples.

What's the MOQ?

For our available scents at normal percentage (like 2%), the MOQ is 5000 boxes.

For custom orders, that would be 10000 boxes to start.

How long for the production?

Generally it’s around 20-30 days after we get the deposit.

Can get samples for testing before ordering mass goods?

Yes, absolutely!

Contact us and leave your address. We can prepare different samples for your evaluation.

Is 16x23cm the only size for biodegradable dryer sheets?

The regular size is 16x23cm. But we can make them as per your requests. For example, we can make them at 10×10 inches.

Do you offer other packaging options rather than bulk?

Regular packaging is by color box. Like 40 sheets/box, 80 sheets/box.

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