Laundry Detergent Pods, Customized Scented Capsules

Product Features

  • 4-IN-1 Technology with Super Strong Detergent
  • Stain Removers and Long-lasting Fragrance
  • Help Fight Old Sweat Odors
  • Used in Washing Machines, Act Well in Cold Water

Available Scents

  • Fresh Linen or Clean Cotton
  • Lavender
  • Ocean Breeze
  • Citrus and Lemon
  • Spring Blossom or Floral Bouquet

Product Options

Our Ingredients

Ingredient Description Purpose
Scent Capsules Micro-encapsulated fragrance beads designed to release a fresh scent during and after the wash. Keeps laundry smelling fresh for longer.
Surfactants Compounds that reduce water's surface tension to improve its wetting and dirt-dissolving abilities. Effective cleaning and stain removal.
Dirt Dispersants Agents that help prevent reattached dirt particles from settling back onto fabrics. Keeps clothes cleaner by preventing dirt redeposition.
Stabilizers Chemicals used to maintain the consistency and effectiveness of the detergent formula. Ensures product remains effective over time.
Enzymes Biological molecules that break down complex stains into smaller, more soluble substances. Enhances stain removal, especially for protein-based stains.
Fragrances A blend of natural and/or synthetic compounds that impart a pleasant scent to your laundry. Provides a fresh, clean aroma post-wash.

How To Use

Step-by-Step Instructions

  • Select the Right Pod: Choose a laundry pod suitable for your laundry type (e.g., color, fabric type, soil level).
  • Handle With Dry Hands: Ensure your hands are dry before handling the pod to prevent it from dissolving prematurely.
  • Place Pod in Drum: Place the pod at the bottom of the washer drum, not in the dispenser drawer, before adding your laundry. This allows the pod to dissolve thoroughly during the wash cycle.
  • Load Laundry: Add your clothes, towels, or bedding on top of the pod. Ensure not to overload the machine to allow water and detergent to circulate effectively.
  • Select Cycle and Start: Choose the appropriate wash cycle for your laundry (consult your machine’s manual if unsure). Close the door and start the washer.
  • Dispose of Packaging Properly: Dispose of any pod packaging according to local regulations.


Yes, for sure. We provide private label service.

We also custom these pods as per your requests.

For our stocks, no MOQ.

For custom orders, 300k pods are the starting quantity.

Yes, samples are free of charge. You only need to pay for the express cost or we use your courier account for sending the samples.

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