Super Wow Color Catcher Sheets, Dye-Trapping Sheet

Product Features

  • Keep the color of your clothes bright 
  • Absorb and trap loose dyes in your wash water
  • Protect your clothes against damage from color bleeds
  • Help preserve those vibrant original colors

About Sheet Whisper

Sheet Whisper supply Color Catcher Sheets in bulk. We can custom these colorgrabber with branding. 

SuperWow is our own brand. This box contains 72 sheets.

Product Options

  • Brand

    Super Wow

  • Material

    Non-woven Fabric & Color-absorbing fibers

  • Size


  • Package Count

    72 sheets

  • Custom Option

    Sheet Whisper offer customization service for color catcher sheets. For personalized orders or queries, simply reach out to our dedicated customer service team.

Color Catcher Sheet

Honeycomb Structure, Massive Absorption

Color Catcher Sheet

Thicker Material, Less Using

Use of Color Catcher

Put Color Catcher Into Washing Machine

After Use

Before & After Use

Usage Reference

Degree of Color Fading Light Fading Medium Fading Severe Fading
Usage 2-3 sheets 4-5 sheets 6 sheets or more
Water Level 30L 40L 50L

Special Reminder: According to the quantity of clothes, you can increase the number of Color Catcher Sheets as appropriate.


  1. Not suitable for hand washing, risk of color transfer.
  2. Do not overfill the washing machine.
  3. Do not use with the washing machine's soaking function.
  4. The Color Catcher Sheets absorb color through physical adsorption, and it takes time to function. Therefore, it is not suitable for short washing cycles, as it may affect the color-absorbing effect.


Can you custom laundry color catcher?

Yes for sure. Just send us your requirements.

What's the material for colorgrabber?

For color catcher sheets, the material is non-woven fabric and Color-absorbing fibers. For non-woven fabric, we have regular PET and biodegradable as well.

What's the MOQ for custom color catcher sheets?

Quantity starts from 200k sheets.

How long for the production?

Generally it’s around 20-30 days after we get the deposit.

Can get samples for testing before ordering mass goods?

Yes, absolutely!

Contact us and leave your address. We can prepare different samples for your evaluation.

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