Pet Dryer Sheets, Pet Hair Removal, Fabric Softener with 3X Pet Hair Fighters

Product Features

  • Reduces pet hair on your clothes.
  • 3X Fabric Softener for pet hair
  • Bigger than normal dryer sheets, especially for pets
  • Reduces static, wrinkles and lint, adds softness and freshness


Give your lovely friends a hug! Super Wow pet dryer sheets will remove pet hair from your clothes. With lint guard inside, your pets will have a great time with your home party.

With fresh scent, you pets are keeping smelling with fragrance.

Available Scents

  • Fresh Scent

Product Options

  • Brand

    Super Wow

  • Material

    PET Non-woven Fabric

  • Package Count

    80 sheets

  • Custom Dryer Sheets

    Sheet Whisper offer customization service for dryer sheets, including fragrance formulation and branded packagings. Choose from a variety of fragrances ranging from floral to citrus or choose a fragrance-free option. You can also select the level of softening and anti-static properties to suit your specific laundry requirements. For personalized orders or queries, simply reach out to our dedicated customer service team.

Our Ingredients

Code Ingredients CAS No. Percentage
1 C16-C18 plant glycerides 123-94-4 10-50%
2 Di-(palm carboxyethyl) hydroxyethyl methylammonium methyl sulfates 157905-74-3 10-50%
3 C16-C18 Plant Fatty acid 57-11-4 10-50%
4 Bentonite 1302-78-9 1-50%
5 Fragrance / 1-10%

How To Use

When starting the drying cycle, add a new dryer sheet to the clothes.

Discard the sheet after each dryer cycle. Use a low heat setting for synthetic materials.

If spots appear on high heat settings, rub the spots with soap, then rewash in warm water.

Before Use Dryer Sheets After Use Dryer Sheets

About SW Pet Dryer Sheets

Make The Difference

These dryer sheets not only remove pet hair but also make your clothes feel soft and smell fresh.

Get the convenience and efficiency of Super Wow anti-static pet dryer sheets, making laundry day a breeze, keeping pet hair at bay, and making your wardrobe look its best.

Easy To Use

Made For Pet Owners

How Do Pet Dryer Sheets Work?

Due to static electricity, pet hair sticks to your clothes. Our dryer sheets contain a special ingredient that helps break the static bond, preventing your clothes from attracting pet hair again.

Do Dryer Sheets Affect The Fabric?

No! In fact, when you regularly use our dryer sheets, you will notice a reduction in pet hair sticking to your clothes. This is because our sheets continuously remove static from your clothes.

FAQ for Pet Dryer Sheets, Fabric Softener Sheets

Do dryer sheets really remove pet hair?

Yes, dryer sheets can help remove pet hair. The anti-static properties of dryer sheets can help to reduce static cling, which in turn can make it easier to remove pet hair from clothing and other fabrics. 

Additionally, you can use a dryer sheet to manually wipe down fabrics and surfaces to help lift off pet hair.

Are dryer sheets safe for pets?

The answer is yes with the condition of using pet-safe formulation.

Learn more

What can I put in the dryer to remove pet hair?

Have a try with our pet dryer sheets.

How can we get samples of pet dryer sheets for testing before ordering mass goods?

Contact us and leave your address. We can prepare different samples for your evaluation.

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